Drikung Thil

Pilgerreise nach Drikung Thil

Im Sommer 2008 wird Hun Lye, der sicher einigen in der Drikung Kagyü Linie durch seine Artikel und Fotos bekannt ist, eine Pilgerreise nach Tibet anbieten. Neben Lhasa soll Drikung Thil, das Stammkloster der Drikung-Tradition, im Mittelpunkt der Reise stehen. Nachfolgend ist seine Ankündigung der Reise zu lesen:
„This meditation-rock of Drigung is inseparable from me throughout the three times“ – Kyobpa Jikten Sumgon.

Some of you might already know, I’ve gone to Tibet the last three summers and in the last two I’ve also led groups. My first visit was in 2005 when I went with a few friends. In 2006, I took a group of students from Warren Wilson College (Asheville, North Carolina) – the trip being the field component to the „Religious and Cultural Heritage of Tibet“ course I taught. It was a great experience. So great that this past year I went back with a group of alumni and friends of Warren Wilson College. As much as I’ve enjoyed both groups – and they were very different from each other – my aspiration is to take a pilgrim-group this next trip. In particular, it will be a pilgrimage to Drigung – the birthplace of Drigung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

This upcoming summer 2008 trip is intended to be a pilgrimage – we will all be dharma-practitioners and we will keep to a daily schedule of group-practices (like sang-offering and Lama Chopa in the mornings and Achi and protector-offering practices in the evening) and receiving teachings from our Lamas in Central Tibet. We will spend a week or so in Drigung Valley for us to circumambulate part of the Drigung Mandala (takes about 3 weeks to do the entire circuit). There will also be lectures on the religious and cultural history of Tibet and Buddhist philosophy. We will also go to Namtso, Reting, Drak Yerpa and Samye, and of course all the great monasteries in and around Lhasa.

The blessing-power of generations of practitioners both great and ordinary has thoroughly empowered the whole realm of Tibet so that no matter where you go, if you are in the right mind-state, you can experience it. You can see how Tibetans continue to live the Dharma despite many pressures for them to give it up.

Visit http://Drigung2008.blogspot.com for further details. The ideal size of this group is 16-18 and right now there are still a few spots left. Email me if your interested in joining us or just interested in travel to Tibet.

Hun Lye
Drigung Dharmakirti Hermitage
Asheville, North Carolina

Erstellt am 30.01.2008